Aluminium Windows - AluK
 4.03 MB

For over two decades we’ve been designing unique aluminium window systems that exceed the performance standards expected in modern building design.

Aluminium Windows - SL68
 2.27 MB

The SlimLine 68 (SL68) window has been designed specifically to meet the needs of UK households. 

uPVC Windows - U70
 1.69 MB

When you start to think of improving or maintaining your property there are several options available. In certain cases the selection is limited or clearly defined but in general, most of us can base our ideas bearing in mind prosperity, styles, security & functional use. Obviously everyone is concerned with ‘value for money’ - uPVC with it’s strong rigidity, blended composition and excellent weathering capabilities to guarantee your products from deterioration or discolouration - is a perfect choice !

Timber Flush Casement Windows
 2.42 MB

The Flush window is a high performance casement window available as side hung or top hung with the option of glazing bars to create classic designs. Our Flush window is available internally or externally beaded depending on your preference.